Kingdom of Sinohmia
Sinohm Maik'l
Life span?
Sinohm 11,814 EM.jpg
Sinohm in the year 11,814 EM, the largest it would be for centuries. The striped section is of unclear dominion.
Capital Pa'ast
Languages Dominant:
Religion Yishiwian Paganism
Government Monarchy
 •  11829 - 11818 Holst I (first)
 • Holst I's Birth 11844
 •  Marriage of Holst I and Eshi Wah 11829
 • Holst I's Elosian Crusade 11827 - 11824
 • Second Yishiwi Chiefs' Uprising 11827
 • First Restoration 11823 - 11818
 • Death of Holst I 11818
 • Second Restoration 11818 - 11815
 •  Disestablished Enter end year
Currency N/A
Preceded by
Blank.png Aviah Kingdom
Blank.png Nephian Empire
Today part of Holy Land of Holst
Emrali Eastern Empire

The Kingdom of Sinohm, known in some contemporary sources as Sinohmia, Sinom, or New Aviah, was a great Yishiwian kingdom of the Era of Mortals. It was established as a successor to Aviah directly after the Earthbound Terror by Holst, who became Holst I of the Holstian Dynasty. Sinohm would became, like its predecessor, became extremely significant in ancient history, becoming heavily involved in the Lysan Crisis, the First Winter, the Emrali Schisms, and other various events that helped shape the world.