Kingdom of Raz'l
Raz'li Maik'l
"Deyd el Hunvesut"
Raz'l Map.png
The Kingdom of Raz'l
Capital Yoseyehn
Languages Sodish
Government Monarchy
 •  6845 - 6836 Yeni Yosa
 • 6836 - 6829 Yiveni Yosa (last)
 •  Yishiwi Chiefs Rebellion 6845
 •  Earthbound Invasion 6829
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Halyy Tribe
Blank.png Myraa Tribe
Blank.png Yama Tribe
Blank.png Shama Tribe
Blank.png Ij'ali Tribe
Blank.png Co'zyl Tribe
Sinohm Kingdom Blank.png

Raz'l was a major region and at times kingdom in the land of Hahmed. Established at some point in the 72nd-75th century of the Era of Mortals, Raz'l was traditionally ruled over by the Yosa Family, the chiefs of the Shama tribe on the eastern coast of Lake Hahmel. From the capital of Yoseyehn the Yosa'i held claim over a total of sixteen Hahmedian tribes, including the major clans of Mahania, Yemil, Zin, Yama, and Lyz. Raz'l was conquered by the Wah Family in 6,863 - 6,858 EM. It was briefly revived thirteen years later after the Onythan Coup in Pa'ast shattered the Kingdom of Aviah. In 6,834 the Earthbound Terror swept northward and Raz'l collapsed as it was consumed by the growing Nephian Empire. A series of kingdoms would rule over what was Raz'l for a few centuries as Aviah's successor, Sinohm, attempted to reconquer the region. It would eventually fall into the more stable possession of Lyshema, a major rival of Sinohm, in the 67th Century. Aside from the northeastern portion of traditional Raz'l, which was possessed by the Kingdoms of Assymym and Sinohm, the region would remain in Lysheman control for centuries.