The History of Oziah and the universe it resides in is a long and heavily studied subject comprised of thousands of years of heroes, magic, demons, gods, and the individual histories of countless empires. Typically scholars divide history into three eras, one of which is considered to be largely mythical.

Era of Gods Edit

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The Era of Gods was first named in 1164 CE by historian Gerhard Haupt, a premier researcher and archivist of Yishiwian history. Haupt described the Era of Gods as a "period of myth, before the formation of the accepted first civilizations, when every known creation story can take place."

Era of Mortals Edit

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David Schleisger, a colleague of Dr. Haupt, coined the term Era of Mortals in 1164 CE in a response essay to Haupt's naming of the Era of Gods. The Era of Mortals, as described by Schleisger, is the period before the Cataclysm, counting backwards, where the predominant forces on Oziah were mortals, or people who do not possess powers of abstract creation and exist mostly within the physical plane. It contrasts from the Era of Gods by having defined, accepted events and persons, with most of them chronicled in written records kept by the burgeoning civilizations. Though lacking any defined beginning, most historians, including Schleisger and Haupt, begin describing the Era of Mortals in the 7th Millennium with the rise of the Kingdom of Aviah.

Current Era Edit

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