First Kingdom of Mihemma
Mihemma Map.png
The First Mihemman Kingdom at its greatest extent between 6,970 and 6,900
Capital Not specified
Government Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
 •  Crowning of King Abi bin Fuasa Al-Mihemma 6,970
 •  Siege of Abala 6,900

Mihemmada, also known as Mihemma, the Kingdom of Mihemma, and the First Kingdom of Mihemma, was a 70th Century EM country located in the heartland of norther Yishiwia. It was located primarily within the Ynyys Valley, and encompassed the majority of the population of Tella that lived in the region. Mihemma was founded by Abi bin Mihemma of the al-Mihemma Family, who became the first King of Mihemma.

Seventy-one years after its founding, the First Mihemman Kingdom was dissolved after losing a war to Aviah. The kingdom was absorbed into Aviah, and the al-Mihemma family was imprisoned in the fortress of Aasyl.