The First Divine Council was a large and varied divine administrative organization, with many gods and goddesses in its employ. The way of the organization was to include all living divines not associated with the Meyshik (demons). To help keep the divines organized, a type of hierarchy was developed, splitting the many beings into tiers.

Ohnae Edit

Ohnae was given the special title of Sheyvehn, and was considered to be above the tier system entirely.

First Tier Edit

First tier gods and goddesses were directly below Ohnae, and included mostly the divines created shortly after the birth of Aanglora. Divines of this rank have a large degree of freedom, and travel between the three realities without issue, though their action within these worlds were monitored and regulated by the laws of the universes.

Gods in the First Tier include:

Epheyio Edit

Often called the goddess of love and compassion, Epheyio was the first divine created after the division of Aanglora. She is considered one of the most influential but unnoticed divines, as she often traveled between Ishirad and Oziah. Epheyio influenced the decisions of many mortals, inciting wars and treaties alike.

Yshindi Edit

God of understanding, twin brother to Epheyio. Made frequent trips with his sister to Oziah, and fought against Aanglora after the kidnapping of Jahkrah.

Qel Edit

God of joy and humor, and warrior who fought against Aanglora alongside Yshindi, Glourion, and Yggdro the Demon.

Hunelsht Edit

Lord God of flames and anger, replaced Yggdro after his death. Became the Commander of Ohnae's divine armies during the time of the First Council.

Membet Edit

Lord Goddess of water and grief. Sister and wife to Hunelsht. Birthed a series of divines of all kinds, water, fire, gods, goddesses, and demons alike.

Hunbesahd Edit

Lord Goddess of earth and remorse, sister of Membet.

Deyvet Edit

Lord God of the air and wind and pensiveness. Deyvet is normally alone, and rarely works with his brothers and sisters. When he does, Deyvet usually works with Membet, and causes mischief and disaster.

Second Tier Edit

Second Tier gods and goddesses were often the sons and daughters of divines of the First Tier. They had slightly more freedom in the world, as their powers were usually less grand than those of their parents. However, because of their freedom they were able to be more influential than their higher ranked peers.

Yllis Edit

Daughter of Yshindi, Yllis is a goddess of trust, and oversees the signing of treaties and the formation of allies.

Syo Edit

Daughter of Epheyio and goddess of mischief.

Third TierEdit

Third Tier divines were of course less powerful than members of the Second Tier, but had less restrictions and therefore had larger overall impacts on the world.

Domax Edit

God of workers and The Vigilant King, creator of the Domaxii.