The Era of Mortals (EM), also known as the Great Era or Pre-Collapse Era, was the second major era of Oziahn History.

Millennia and Centuries Edit

7th Millennium Edit

120th Century

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The first century of the EM was marked with the rise of the Aviah kingdom among the other, larger Yishiwi kingdoms. Aviah would differ from them in the quality of its military and construction abilities, allowing it to grow immensely in its 171 year existence. Aviah also became partially responsible for the formation of important cultures and kingdoms in this time, such as the Syoans, the Tella, the Domaxii, and many others.

119th Century

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This period was highly volatile and destructive for the people of Oziah. The Earthbound Terror and the rise and temporary collapse of the Emrali Empire were events that would change the course of history.

118th Century

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A century of unimaginable turmoil in the east, the 118th century was the time of the Great Flood of Teyria and the general collapse of much of Yishiwia.

117th Century

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Especially in the latter half of this century the older powers of the world, like Emral and Yishiwia, continued their steady collapse in world power as they became rife with civil wars and fracturing. Despite this, the West saw a general rise in power and activity for the Lammans and their enemies the Eresun Empire.

116th Century

115th Century

114th Century

113th Century

112th Century

111th Century

11th Millennium Edit