Kingdom of Aviah
Aviahki Maik'l
Aviah 6,857.png
The Kingdom of Aviah at it's greatest extent in 6,857 EM
Capital Pa'ast
Religion Yishiwian Paganism
Government Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
 •  7000-6943 Ishishi Wah (first)
 • 6840-6829 Fhegyy Yesi (last)
 •  Ishishi's War of Conquest 7000
 • War of Goseh 7000 - 6995
 • Shishishi's War 6907 - 6900
 • The Returning War 6879 - 6876
 • War for the West 6847 - 6845
 • Holy Reclamation 6840 - 6838
 •  Earthbound March on Pa'ast 6829
Currency N/A
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Bahalla
Blank.png Yesi
Blank.png Ishyyem
Blank.png Yylk
Blank.png Kaaia
Blank.png Goseh
Kingdom of Sinohm Blank.png
Raz'l Blank.png
Agosa Blank.png
Albayo Blank.png
Ar'awl Blank.png

The Aviahki Maik'l, known in historiography as the Kingdom of Aviah, was an ancient Hahmed kingdom, or empire, that at one point extended over nearly the entire region of Hahmed. In the year 7,000 EM, the Chief Ishishi Wah of the Wah Tribe conquered the tribes that immediately surrounded his familial territory. Ishishi would then name himself the Malehyk, or King, of Aviah, after the Wahnian word for paradise. Aviah's influence would outlast its relatively short existence of just over a century and a half. The empire would grow from its small collection of tribes in the northeast to a militarily and coercive juggernaut on the world stage, absorbing all the major kingdoms of Hahmed. The Wah family headed Aviah through all but the last sixteen of it's one hundred and seventy-one years, with the only fall from power and territory occurring during the rule of the sixth and final Wah, Sholya, preceding the Earthbound Terror that finally destroyed the realm. At Aviah's collapse in 6,829 EM, it was headed by the Chief Fheggy Yesi, who was acting as regent in place of the young Eshi Wah, a little girl and mere cousin of the late Sholya, who left no heir. Fheggy would perish trying to protect the remnants of Aviah from the encroaching demonic hordes of the Nephia, initiating the complete collapse of order in the capital of Pa'ast. The empire would be revived as the Kingdom of Sinohm.